38 Weeks/Counting Down!!!

Our 38 week ultrasound was yesterday. The doctor guessed that he’s about 8.4 lbs right now, which in two weeks, he could be 9.4 lbs. What a chunky, monkey! He is so big, that the ultrasound was hard to make out anything.

Metallic already knows how to be a good little boy. He turned, face down, and is head’n down & out. Sweet!!
What an angel!
And Alice’s body, amazing!!! It knows just what to do to get ready for a beautiful birth!

She was so relieved to know that he had turned. I am so excited for her to have the exact labor & birth that she wants! She had her twins early at 29 weeks, and she had to have a c-section. She’s excited to have a different experience.

Two weeks left!!! Pretty much any day now, I will be holding my little stud!!!

Flipp’n Around

Alice has been a little concerned, because the baby is breech. She is okay with having a c-section, but obviously she would prefer to have him normally.

A few days ago, she said she felt him moving so much, that it took her breath away. She had to hold onto the wall until he was done. She thought that maybe he was flipping around. Hopefully:)

The next day, she came up to spend the night with us. When I saw her, she did look like the baby had dropped a little. She also is starting to look ready. She says, she still feels good, but she is getting there.
We are anxious to know what position the baby’s in, and we will! We have an ultrasound tomorrow!

Staying Comfortable

We have another ultrasound next week. I always enjoy seeing my baby, cuz it makes it more of a reality. Alice says he is moving around a ton.
It seems like the last two months have gone by really fast. Even Alice said she is thinking the pregnancy is going to be over too soon. She’s so amazing! Not very many women want the pregnancy to be longer; however, she’s not quite to the end yet. I hope it continues to go great for her. We’ll see!

3-D Video of Baby/21-27 Weeks

I wanted to get back into my experience with Destynee’s pregnancy, while this pregnancy is mellow and going so calm. Here is another 3-D video of a baby from 21-27 Weeks. We are almost 23 weeks now!!! SWEET!!!


22 Weeks…/Is That All?

Well Baby Mamma is doing better than ever. She feels great and looks amazing! She says my little guy is moving like crazy. She says I’m in for it, because he’s so freakin active….Bring it on! I’m so excited!

We have an appointment in a week and a half, but no ultrasound. At our last appointment, our doctor started her on progesterone shots. Because she had pre-term labor with her twins, she is higher risk for pre-term again. The progesterone shots decrease the risk by 50%. The shots are weekly, but inch and a half inch needle right in the ass. OW!! Again, her sweet husband Dan, is there for her.

They are the perfect couple for surrogacy, and they couldn’t be more fun to be with through this. Love you guys!

IT’S A BOY!!!!!!!!!

It’s a BOY!!!!

We are so damn excited! I can hardy wait to meet him. My little stud did cooperate and was very proud of it!!!!
Cute Little Feet!!!

Look at those GUNS!!!

We had a student doing the ultrasound, and she was taking forever…… We told her that we were anxious to find out the gender. It took her 45 minutes to find out. Not because the baby wasn’t cooperating, but because she was slowly finding every other part of his perfect body. For 45 minutes, we all thought she would hurry and tell us. NOPE………
I had accepted the fact that we weren’t going to get to know this time. Little did I know, she was waiting til the last to even look! Oh my hell, talk about torture……… When she finally did tell us, I was ecstatic but had no energy left to express it. On the way home, I regained my excitement, and wanted to scream.

Obviously we would be thrilled with a girl! We have already experienced how amazing and fun girls are, but as I said before, I want to experience both! He is so adorable, he was moving, smiling, and waving at us. The ultrasound took quite a long time. While we were there, Destynee asked what he was saying. I said, “I don’t know, what is he saying?” She looked at me and said, “He said to get off him and leave him alone”. I thought about it, then realized that they had been pushing around for a long time, and that he probably was getting tired of it.

20 Weeks/Half Way There….

We are half way there. It’s seems like the pregnancy is taking forever………………..

We have our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow, and hopefully we are going to find out if “IT”, is a boy or girl!!! The baby didn’t hardly move a muscle the last ultrasound we had, and had “ITS” back to us. I really hope “IT” will, spread those legs, show it all, and be proud of it. YAYA!
Alice says that “IT’s” been moving alot more, so I think we’ll be okay. Oh my hell, I will be soooo glad to not have to call it, “IT” anymore!

Now that Spring/Summer is trying its darndest to come out and play, the weeks seem to be going by alot faster. Also now that Baby Mamma is feeling good, I don’t find myself worrying about her, which makes the time go by faster.

All is well, and she is loving being pregnant; which is so wonderful. Thru the pregnancy, I have been so worried about how she feels, and how she will easily take care of her girls. I have been trying to control how the pregnancy goes for her emotionally & mentally, and how she feels physically. Inside I realize that I can never control something like that, but by damn, I have to try, right? I really feel like I am running around in circle (mostly in my head), and trying to get my hands into something intangible. It sounds silly I know, but I thought that if I could make it go perfect for her, then she would never regret the choice she made. She is giving so much of herself, and deserves it to go amazing, in every way possible.

Well so far everything has gone perfect, and I couldn’t have imagined it going better. The baby looks healthy, Alice is doing great, both families are adjusting to it easily, and our relationship and communication couldn’t be better. Thanks to our willingness, openness, love, and God’s miraculous hand, we are sadly and ecstatically half way through this part of the journey. XOXO


Ok, ok, so I have 4 friends, a sister, and a sister-in-law who are all due right around the same time as me. Some of them are due after. All but one, already know what they are having, and they’re ALL having girls. WHAT??? I have been pretty sure that I am having a boy, but now I don’t know….

Our next ultrasound is less than a week away. I can’t wait to be able to call my baby he or she, DARLING or HANDSOME. It feels so impersonable calling it “IT”. I’m really hoping that being able to identify the baby more will help me connect on a different level.

Destynee’s Excitement!!!

One morning, Destynee came running in telling everybody, “Me and my mom are going to have a baby!, My dad’s going to have a baby too. It’s going to poop and pee, and me and my mom get to change HER diaper.”

Destynee has gone to both ultrasounds with us, and we’ve talked to her about being a big sister. She is very excited, and always asks to see and hold the picture of the baby. She has always been very gentle, loving, and always asks to hold all her little baby cousins. She plays with her babies, sings to them, rocks them, and tells them, “it’s ok, I’m here for you”. It’s so adorable! I know she will be a tremendous help when our baby arrives.

I hadn’t talked to her about it for awhile, which is why I was surprised to hear what she had to say, right out of the blue. I wonder if she had a dream, or maybe met the baby’s spirit, the night before.

I’m so excited to be a part of giving her the gift of family! My siblings have been such a significant support in my life, and I want her to have that opportunity.

13 Week Ultrasound

Our ultrasound went well… Actually it went better than well, it was amazing!
My little peanut DID grow arms and legs.. Wahoo!!!

Alice got to meet my amazing OB. She said she was very comfortable with him, and felt like he honored and respected each individual’s role.
He paid attention to the whole dynamic of the pregnancy, and was excited to be working with us.

I’m so excited, because I remember the importance of having him with my first pregnancy.