Baby Shower for Gordon Metallic

I took Destynee, and told her she got to unwrap all of Tal’s presents because he couldn’t unwrap them. She was absolutely loving it!!!, that is for about ten presents. I think once she realized that most were just clothes, and that they weren’t for her, which I pre-warned her about, she slowly began to lose interest….

We had so much fun, and it turned out so perfect. I’m so excited to go through all the outfits again! It’s fun all over again.

Two of my cousins were so amazingly thoughtful, and brought Destynee a garanimals matching game. She thought that was pretty cool! We’ve already played it seven times today!

Thank You Everybody!!!


The Conclusion Around Experience with Destynee’s Pregnancy

18 Months So innocent!
2 Years Old What a DOLL!

As the months went by, I became more and more at peace with what life had to offer me. Of course, I had my bad days, but they became more rare and with less intensity each time. I stopped living in the past and future, and started living right here in the present! My heart is full of tremendous happiness with my more than amazing husband, Gordon, and my piece of heaven on earth, Destynee Noel. She has and will continue to teach me all that I need to learn from her. I believe our children have much more to teach us then we could ever imagine teaching them. We just need to listen and be willing to learn from them.
2 1/2 Years Old Destynee & Mommy!
3 Years Old The Love of Our Lives!!!

A Super Special Friend

I had alot of support from alot of people throughout my days on bedrest. A very special friend I had, Dallas, seemed to know just what to do to cheer me up. She seemed to know when I needed something that I didn’t even know I needed. I would get those cute sound cards in the mail from her all the time. They always came at the right time, and made my day. Hell, they made several days; every time I would read them, I was either laughing or crying.

When I was home on bedrest, she came and decorated my house, inside and out, with Halloween!
When I was in the hospital, she brought me a mini Christmas tree, decorated with lights, mini ornaments, and two presents (each with a boy and girl, matching hat & socks). She changed my dreary, mundane space, into a fun, colorful atmosphere.

I never imagined that such little things could be so special. She made me feel like I was still a part of this world….. She brought the holidays to me, and helped lift my spirits!

Having so many little things to look forward to, helped the time to go by.