Although, I was busy adjusting to my new baby, it still felt weird not to have Alice and Dan with us. I was worried about how she was doing with everything.

Fortunately, Alice came to stay with my favorite Aunt Faye for two weeks, and she happens to live right by us. Alice and I were both so grateful that we could be close and hang out whenever we wanted. We did see alot of each other over the next few days, which hopefully made the transition easier for all of us.

I have asked Alice how she’s feeling physically AND emotionally, every single day. Every single day, she said she feels way better than she thought she would, emotionally. She had done alot of prep-work, and kept her mind right where it needed to be.
Physically, she struggles a little, but as always, has a great attitude about it.

Not Enough Milk, Time, or Strength

I had a really hard time getting my milk in, and what I did get, was a few drops after pumping for 20 minutes straight. Between getting my rest, and pumping (what seemed like constantly), I only had enough strength to go see my baby about once a day. Every day, I felt like a failure, and I wondered if Destynee was getting everything she needed. My heart was struggling, I couldn’t hold any food down, and I had a bowel obstruction that they thought they might have to do surgery on.
I was torn between surviving and being a mother…….

Gordon was doing an excellent job at giving both of us everything he possibly could, physically and emotional.