Intimate Bonding

I really felt at peace with my family, my life, and was continuing finding peace with MYSELF. Isn’t that the kicker?? It’s always the MYSELF, that I struggle with.
Anyway, I was learning and growing in ways I could never imagine. The experiences that I had been through, had alot to teach me when I was willing and ready to learn.

For the next year, surrogacy was rarely discussed. Alice would come to me with a question or a curiosity. She never overstepped my comfort level, and continued to be most respectful.

She had experienced infertility herself for 10 years, so she could relate to me in ways that I needed. She became my safety zone….The more she opened up to me about her experiences, the more I was able to open up to her. We started to bond on a very deep, intimate level.


The Conclusion Around Experience with Destynee’s Pregnancy

18 Months So innocent!
2 Years Old What a DOLL!

As the months went by, I became more and more at peace with what life had to offer me. Of course, I had my bad days, but they became more rare and with less intensity each time. I stopped living in the past and future, and started living right here in the present! My heart is full of tremendous happiness with my more than amazing husband, Gordon, and my piece of heaven on earth, Destynee Noel. She has and will continue to teach me all that I need to learn from her. I believe our children have much more to teach us then we could ever imagine teaching them. We just need to listen and be willing to learn from them.
2 1/2 Years Old Destynee & Mommy!
3 Years Old The Love of Our Lives!!!