More Legal Stuff

It wasn’t long after the birth, that our attorney showed up. He was one of the first visitors. It felt really strange to have him there. It was such a sacred time and place for everyone. He was very polite and respectful of the situation.

Gordon stepped right up to handle the rest of the legal stuff. It was important that we had the legal rights to our baby, so we could be with him and make decisions about his care.

I was so grateful to both of them for handling it, so I could just BE with my baby. It was very important to me to have that bonding time with MY sweet, adorable, “little man“!!!

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Skin To Skin/Bonding Time

At my request, the nurses had previously set up some curtains to give Alice privacy while she was pushing, and Gordon & I privacy so we could do skin-to-skin with the baby.

Gordon was able to be present during most of the labor. During birth, while Alice was pushing, he was behind the curtains to give her privacy. He wasn’t able to be in the room when I had Destynee, so he never had a chance to see labor or experience the birth of a baby.
Alice allowed him to experience it thru his ears and emotions. He was overwhelmed with the whole experience. There was a very intense, beautiful feeling in the room, and he could feel it.

Here I came, holding our baby boy! He was perfect! A normal, healthy baby!!! Daddy and mommy were able to do skin-to-skin, and the staff left us alone with him for the most part. He was having a little struggle coughing and throwing-up some fluid that he had swallowed. After he got most of it up, I was able to nurse him. He latched right on!!! I couldn’t believe a brand-new baby already knew how to nurse. I felt so much joy!!! I got to have a very different experience with him, then I had had with Destynee.

A healthy, full-term, beautiful, baby boy!!! Thank you Alice, Thank you!!!