Twiner Blankets!!!

I remembered that I had an unfinished boy blanket that I started making way before I was even married. I always thought that I was going to have twins, so I made matching twin blankets for a girl and boy. When I had Destynee, I finished the girl one, and put the other one in storage. I pulled it out and to my surprise, it is almost finished.

I showed Destynee and asked her if she would help me finish the blanket for Metallic? I asked her if she wanted Tal to have a matching blanket like hers. She squealed and said, “then me and Tal could have twiner blankets, same, same!!!”

I guess I can have a twin girl and boy, it’s just a lil’ different and that’s the way I do things. It’s all in how you look at it. Well it gave me a fun idea anyway. Maybe I can find more twiner stuff for them. Sweet!!!