3-D Video 27-37 Weeks

We are almost 34 Weeks!!! My baby is over 5 pounds, and growing an ounce a day. Im’ so excited to experience a full-term, healthy baby.

Enjoy this last 3-D video of weeks 27-37!

3-D Video of Baby/21-27 Weeks

I wanted to get back into my experience with Destynee’s pregnancy, while this pregnancy is mellow and going so calm. Here is another 3-D video of a baby from 21-27 Weeks. We are almost 23 weeks now!!! SWEET!!!


A Few Words from Baby Mamma..

I feel so excited to receive a comment from the one who is helping make this pregnancy possible, our very own Surrogate Mother.

I have been loving your blog. It’s been so amazing to follow you through your experience with Destynee and to be part of your experience with your new little angel. This journey that I’m on with you and your family has been so exiting and I feel so blessed to be a part of it, I can’t thank you enough for allowing me to be the lucky one that gets to babysit your little angel for 9 wonderful months.

The link for the 3D ultrasounds is so amazing! Thanks for sharing. Love you all with all that’s inside me!
Baby Mama

3-D Video of Baby/Connection

Alice had told me about a website with information about the growth and development of a baby thru pregnancy. It’s called Baby Center. She used it with her twins, and loved it!

It took me awhile to sign up, because I hate getting junk emails and more than that, I didn’t quite know enough about it. It’s crazy and stupid how anything new or unknown is scary. What’s that all about….?

Anyway, I was looking at the website with Destynee, and found a link that showed several 3-D videos of the baby every week of the pregnancy. It was sooo freakin` awesome!!! She loved it, and asked to see it over and over again.

When Gordon got home, she asked if we could watch it with daddy. He loved it and wanted to watch each video.
Pretty soon, me and Destynee were surrounded by daddy, uncles, grandma, and grandpa. We all gazed in amazement of the miracle of life, and were especially interested in the stage of our own baby at 17 weeks. Here’s the link, it’s very cool.


Everyone expressed feeling a strong connection with our baby, and all felt like we were watching our baby grow right before our eyes.
We are all God’s miracles.