Continued Leaking of Amniotic Fluid

Since my water broke back at 19 weeks, I have continued to leak amniotic fluid. My OB doctor told me that there was a very small chance that the amniotic sack would close back up, and that leaking fluid would continue throughout the pregnancy. It was something I could cope with very easy, and knowing it wasn’t causing more harm to the baby, was very comforting.

I drank more water than I thought possible. I wanted the water to be replaced as fast as possible. After my OB found out how much I was drinking, he told me that, while it was important to drink alot of water, he didn’t want me up going to the bathroom every hour either. I was kinda relieved, I felt water-logged. I replaced a quart of water with vinegar/honey water. The vinegar and honey both aide to prevent and fight infection.

It wasn’t like you think, a little leaking here and there. NO!NO!….I would gush water everywhere without any warning about every other day!!!
So ya, I wore a huge banana pad, which felt more like diaper. And if I happen to gush while I had company, I would sit in it until they left..GROSS! Or if I was comfortable enough, I would just embarrassingly excuse myself and change my clothes.

If it decided to leak at night, I was rudely awakened, and Gordon or the nurses would change my bed while I quickly changed into dry jammies.

I would honestly have to say, dealing with that was more comical to me than anything else. It became annoying at times, but I continued to laugh about it every time I soaked my pants. Maybe I was literally going insane… I don’t know.