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I have been blessed with an amazing family, and the opportunity to expand my family. I have a Surrogate Mother who I am eternally grateful for. I not only do I get to have another baby, but being so close to her, I get to experience the pregnancy with her.

My daughter Destynee is nothing short of a miracle. Through bedrest and lots of support, I was able to experience carrying my own baby. The fact that she is alive and very healthy, perfect 3 year old, is another miracle.

Because I have congenital heart problems, have had 2 open-heart surgeries, facing the possibility of a third, and live with an ICD (pacemaker/defibrillator), my doctors discouraged me from getting pregnant. The bedrest and hysterectomy turned out to be a blessing.
Who would have thought…

I wanted to blog about this journey for my own process, and to give insight into surrogacy itself. It is not well known, and can be a very intimidating topic. I'm not an expert on anything. My wish is to receive and give, support and insight. I welcome comments and questions.

Published on March 25, 2010 at 3:42 am  Comments (6)  

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  1. Hi Congrats on your journey to success. I am had had 4 failed cycles and hoping for a successful one soon. I had a partial hysterectomy and our only chance to have a baby is through surrogacy. I wanted to find out what protocol you used that you worked for you. Please email when you get a chance. Thanks.

    • when you say protocol, do you mean medications or the process? after 3 cycle, changing and adding new medication, I still only ended up with 5 follicles. the doctor suggested I go ahead and try with eggs I had, he didn’t think we would have any better luck trying another cycle. so with the grace of God, we implanted 3 and 1 made it! I would love to share my story, I’m just getting clear on what you are exactly asking. best of luck to you.

      • Congrats on your bundle of joy! So happy for you! We just did a FET and got a BFN. The RE only gave us 25% since it was a frozen cycle. We want to do a fresh cycle soon. When I asked protocol, I mean the meds that you were on? What changed the last time around? Do you have a copy of the meds you were taking? Were you on any vitamins? I’m trying to stay hopeful but its very hard. Can you email when you get a chance so you can share your story? I would really appreciate it. Your story has given me some hope that it can happen with my own eggs. Thanks so much. My email is

  2. Hi, I did a google search for other’s that have blogged their experience of surrogacy. I am in the very beginning of the process of becoming a surrogate for a friend of mine. It is wonderful to see your comments and journey. Thank you for sharing šŸ™‚

    • I’m excited for you,, it is an amazing journey. and what a gift you are giving her! we need more people like you. thank you for your comment. Jessica

  3. Love your blog. Found it by doing a few google searches about progesterone for surrogacy and also interested about intended mom lactation. We are waiting on results from our second transfer attempt.

    My website a blog is Would love you to join!

    Thanks for sharing!

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