*Liquid Gold*/Breast Milk

Baby Mamma is even pumping for baby Gordon, so he can be healthy. She says it’s kinda his milk anyway. Cute huh? She has also been able to supply a few other babies with great, healthy milk!

I am still pumping and nursing my little heart out, with only drops of liquid gold. I’m trying really damn hard to be grateful for what I am getting, but so freakn frustrating. Breathe……………

I’m actually starting to notice a sight increase in milk. I try to focus on how amazing it is that I can even produce milk.

Also, my sweet angel LOVES to nurse, and has been extremely patient with me. I figure if he can keep working with me so patiently, than I will nurse him as long as he wants. Even if he’s not getting a ton of milk from me. Love you, babe!

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