Running out of Time, Wahoo!

There is so dang much going on right now, and I’m running out of time. WAHOO!!!

I never thought I would say that. It seemed like we would never get to this point. The surrogate process and the first of the pregnancy took FOREVER…….

We have three weeks left, before we get to meet our miraculous stud, “Gordon Metallic“!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Destynee has been asking where Tal will sleep and where he’s going to sit in the car. She came to me and said, “Mom, I want to give Tal my bed, and I’ll just sleep with you”. And with that, she crawled up by me, and there she stayed the entire night.

I asked her if she would help me organize her dresser, and if Tal could have two of her drawers. She is so generous, but she did have one request, “But mom, can I share one of the drawers WITH him?”
She is so damn cute, I can hardly stand it!!! She is so ready for a sibling!

We’ve been making baby blankets, and rearranging stuff so we can fit all the fun equipment that comes with a new baby into our tiny space. It’s been so much fun. It’s like Christmas times a million, and then even way funner than that!!


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