Big Baby/Breech

Because Alice has done so well through the pregnancy, we have managed to skip several doctor appointments. It has been very nice, because we both live 30-45 minutes away from the hospital in different directions and it’s sometimes challenging to find baby sitters. She’s so amazing!!!

At the last appointment, because of where the baby’s heart beat was, the doctor thought he was still breech. The nurse was a little concerned, and said that where the baby is at 36 weeks, is typically where he’ll stay. She assured us that he could still turn, and that he had pleanty of time. Turn baby, turn. Face down, go to the light!

Our next and last ultrasound will be at 38 weeks. The OB is a little concerned that the baby will be too big to deliver vaginally. He says that if baby Gordon looks like he’s going to be over 10 pounds, then we may have to do a c-section. I personally think he will weigh about 8.6 lbs. Mother’s instinct….We’ll see!!!


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