Big Sister/Little Brother

Destynee has been crawling out of her skin with pure excitement about her little baby brother, Metallic! She talks about him all the time and is always asking questions about him. She even nick-named him already, “Tal”. “Where is Tal’s bed? Can he sleep with me? He can use my car seat!” It’s so adorable!!!

The other day, we were eating breakfast; I wanted to prepare her for the reality of having a baby. I explained to her that when the baby is born, we get to bring him home. I emphasized that he would be with us all day, every day. She looked at me with stars in her eyes, and said, “Mom, that makes me so happy! I like real babies, not the fake ones.”

She seems to understand what is going on, and she is at the perfect age to not be confused about the complexity of it. I sometimes feel like I’m more excited for her than for me. I’m excited to see how she interacts with him.


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  1. That’s so cute!! She’s a doll!

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