Connecting With My Baby/33 Weeks

We had another appointment with our OB, Dr. Draper. The mid-wife found the baby’s heart rate, and mentioned that the baby hadn’t turned yet. He is breech, but she wasn’t concerned because he’s only 33 weeks.

We are as far along as when I had Destynee! What a trip!

Anyway, my Baby Mamma was still lying on the table with her cute bare belly. I asked if I could see if the baby would move for me. She was excited cuz he was moving, and said, “sure”! I jokingly told the mid-wife not to tell the baby that I was coming, because he would stop moving. I quietly touched her belly, and he started moving like crazy. When I pushed in, he kicked out. It felt like he was doing summer-salts. I was having so much fun with him. It was the first time I really felt a strong connection with My baby boy. It was the first time I realized, he really is MY baby. This is real!!! I imagined him in my arms, moving and alive!!!

Ever since I felt the connection that I hadn’t been able to figure out how to MAKE happen, I feel a peace about the uniqueness of this pregnancy. Before, I struggled with how strange it all was, and the effects it would have on my baby……..Now I know, that everything will be okay, and that he really does know who his mommy is. (Sigh of relief)……..What an amazing feeling!!!!


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