Needing to Control

Alice came up to stay the weekend with us again! We’re so lucky! Well, I scheduled her to have her glucose test done while she was up here and had a baby-sitter. When we got over there, the lab gave us some bull-shit story about how,… when I called to set up the appointment, the number goes to their main office. And the main office doesn’t know that they close early on Saturday, so they wouldn’t take us. GRRRRR….

I felt so bad. I just want everything to be perfect, and the harder I try, the more it isn’t. You would think I’d learn by now, that it’s out of my hands and I just need to trust God. He has made it absolutely prefect up to this point.

Alice is so cool about everything, she just goes with the flow. It’s good for me to keep learning from her. It really wasn’t a big deal once I chilled out about it. LOL


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