Because I am trying to stay connected to my baby, and Alice is trying not to connect as a mother, we are staying very conscious about our state of mind and thought process. I want to connect as if I’m carrying the baby, and she thinks if she stays a little disconnected, it will make it easier when she gives up the baby.

It becomes challenging when people ask her details about the baby and decisions that a parent would make. It forces her to connect, think about it, tune in, and makes it difficult to stay distant. She wants it to be MY experience as much as possible, and she feels like it takes that away from me.
In saying that, she is very comfortable with people asking her how the pregnancy and surrogate experience is going for her.

I am eternally grateful, that we continually share our intimate experiences and feelings with each other. It helps us both stay in the exact place we need to be.

We understand that this whole experience is new, different, and has been interesting for everyone. I appreciate that everyone is supporting us in the best way they can.


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