Smiles For Everyone!!!

I can’t stop smiling!!!

I feel like this experience is becoming more of a reality for me. I have felt a much stronger connection to my baby the last few days. I don’t know if it’s because I know that it’s a boy, or if it’s because I am slowly able to feel the baby. I haven’t felt him move yet, but just having my hands on her sweet belly, gives me a sense that it’s mine. I don’t quite know how to explain it. When a woman is pregnant, and someone they’re comfortable with, feels their belly, it’s like their belly is the baby. It is no longer a part of their body, and it’s not invasive to rub the shit out of it.

Well, I had a sneak peek of experiencing that for the first time. When we were at the ultrasound, waiting for the doctor, she asked me if I wanted to feel the baby. I put my hand on her belly, the baby didn’t move but I felt a sense of comfort and connection…like I could be with my baby.

I feel like I can now hold my baby without feeling like I am invading her privacy. She is so amazing that way. She openly encourages me to feel the baby, and caress her belly……my baby. She is allowing me to experience this pregnancy in it’s deepest intimacy.


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