Dreams Do Come True

After we found out that we were pregnant, but before we knew how many babies there were, my little nephew, Xavier told me about a dream he had. He was very hesitant to tell me, because he didn’t want anything to upset me. He didn’t know if I wanted a boy, or if I would be disappointed that there was only one baby. After talking to his mom, he decided that he was very excited to tell me.

His Dream: Xavier was walking down the hall, and heard laughing in the bedroom. He followed the sound, and found me and Destynee on the bed playing with a baby boy. We were talking to the baby, and making him laugh. Just then, Gordon came in the room. Xavier said he remembered feeling very happy for us, because now Destynee had a little brother and he would have another boy to play with. He was standing in the door way, unsure if he should come in or not, but was enjoying just watching us.

Well, he was right. There is only one, and it is a boy!!!


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