20 Weeks/Half Way There….

We are half way there. It’s seems like the pregnancy is taking forever………………..

We have our 20 week ultrasound tomorrow, and hopefully we are going to find out if “IT”, is a boy or girl!!! The baby didn’t hardly move a muscle the last ultrasound we had, and had “ITS” back to us. I really hope “IT” will, spread those legs, show it all, and be proud of it. YAYA!
Alice says that “IT’s” been moving alot more, so I think we’ll be okay. Oh my hell, I will be soooo glad to not have to call it, “IT” anymore!

Now that Spring/Summer is trying its darndest to come out and play, the weeks seem to be going by alot faster. Also now that Baby Mamma is feeling good, I don’t find myself worrying about her, which makes the time go by faster.

All is well, and she is loving being pregnant; which is so wonderful. Thru the pregnancy, I have been so worried about how she feels, and how she will easily take care of her girls. I have been trying to control how the pregnancy goes for her emotionally & mentally, and how she feels physically. Inside I realize that I can never control something like that, but by damn, I have to try, right? I really feel like I am running around in circle (mostly in my head), and trying to get my hands into something intangible. It sounds silly I know, but I thought that if I could make it go perfect for her, then she would never regret the choice she made. She is giving so much of herself, and deserves it to go amazing, in every way possible.

Well so far everything has gone perfect, and I couldn’t have imagined it going better. The baby looks healthy, Alice is doing great, both families are adjusting to it easily, and our relationship and communication couldn’t be better. Thanks to our willingness, openness, love, and God’s miraculous hand, we are sadly and ecstatically half way through this part of the journey. XOXO


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