A Sister’s Love

I spent the day with some of my sisters and sister-in-laws. It was such great weather, all the kids were able to play outside most of the day.

Two of my sisters just had baby boys. I am really wanting a boy, because if this is our last baby, I want to experience both a son and a daughter. I am so grateful that they are willing to share their babies with me. I get to hold them and love them like they are my own. I feel like it gives me the fix I need, so I can calmly and patiently wait for mine.

My Baby Mamma is looking cuter than ever, and is super excited to have cute clothes that are comfortable for her. It seems like the baby just popped out. She is passed the feeling awkward stage, you know, where you feel um…different but not quite pregnant. Well, now she looks PREGNANT!!!!

A Sister’s Love

My Little Angel!


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  1. This morning as I was sitting on the couch with Dani the baby started kicking. I decided to ask Dani if she knew there was a baby in my tummy (I haven’t said anything about the baby until now). She lifted up my shirt and said “ya”. I asked her if the baby is a girl or a boy she said “girl”. I then told her it is going to be Destynee’s sister just like she has a sister, she just calmly said “oh, ok”.

    Baby Mama

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