Dan’s Pregnant Wife

Alice’s husband Dan has been such an amazing support. He is always making light of the situation, and making things fun. When people ask him about his family, he tells them “I have two and one on the way”. When they congratulate him, he says “why are you congratulating me, it’s not mine”. He just calmly tells them that another guy knocked her up. For as long as he can keep a straight face, he loves it up….If you knew Dan, you would know how calm he really could be about it. He loves to get a reaction. He eventually tells them that his wife is carrying her sister’s baby. After they sort it out for a while in their heads, they are always astounded and amazed that they would be apart of something so wonderful.

He has been so supportive and helpful to her. Infact, he without knowing it, got wrapped into being her personal runner boy when she has a craving. He’s the bomb!!! He occasionally calls Gordon and reminds him that he’s doing Gordon’s dirty work. Gordon did infact originally sign up for the job. It really seems to help Gordon stay connect to the baby. It’s quite comical, the relationship the two of them have.


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