Pregnant Brain

We had an appointment this week just for a routine check-up. I hadn’t seen Alice for over three weeks, so I asked her if I could take her to lunch. I was missing her soooo bad.

Anyway, we were leaving Olive Garden (YUM!..), and Gordon had just called me. We had almost reached the car, I stopped and told Alice, “I think I left my phone in the restaurant, I’ll be right back”. She looked at me like a was joking, and then Gordon who I was talking to on MY phone, said “Jess, you’re on it!”. I had a bit of confusion for about a second, said “oh shit, I’m pregnant”, and then we all starting laughing hysterically.


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  1. Ok i just had to leave a comment. That is totally cute!! To have the pregnant ditsy brain. Thats just sweet!! Ok so can you tell I’m just loven your blog i cant believe i waited this long to comment. Holly:)

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