Happy Mother’s Day!

Happy Mother’s Day to everyone!!! I literally mean everyone.
Anyone who has had a baby, expecting a baby, or desperately wants a baby.

I use to feel very insignificant on Mother’s Day, like I was a failure in some way. I actually started resenting Mother’s Day and those who celebrated it.
When I finally had my first baby, I remember feeling so excited that I was part of it now. At the same time, I felt very sad for those who couldn’t. Why can’t they, lets celebrate; all of us. The mother in all of us is the same. The only difference, is the different experiences we have gone thru.
No more feeling left out.

XOXO, to the mother in all of us!!!

I took Destynee with me to find something for Alice. The card we picked had a place where we could record something personally, and then had a song with it. Destynee especially liked the card, “cuz our baby will love pink”. We got our Baby Mamma a card, cotton candy (that she was craving), and rich chocolate for Happy Surrogate Mother’s Day.


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