Unpleasant Dreams:(

So I had a dream the other night. I usually dream fuzzy dreams. You know, not very clear.

Out of the blue, I was holding a teeny baby boy, maybe like 1-2 pounds. I remember thinking that I was pretty sure that the baby wouldn’t make it. Gordon and I tried to keep him warm, but he was getting colder every second. We couldn’t tell if he was breathing or not…
All of a sudden, he turned blotchy purple and blue, and started struggling to breathe. I held him up to my neck. Through some kind of unspoken communication, told me that I needed to let him go, that I would have another one, and it would be ok.

Yet another opportunity to let go of control, and practice faith. Maybe the dream meant that I needed to let go of fear, and scarcity….
We all live with and are somewhat controlled by fear, right??? Any thoughts?


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  1. Hi! LOVE YOU, I am glad you are doing this blog- I didn’t know it had been a success and that she was carrying him!
    Well my 2 cents is that sometimes dreams come along to show us clearly our fears. (I have had a certain recurring dream lately as well to show me that) so that we can find better ways to let go of and or accept/ plan for/ deal with our fears. What do you think? -Nat

    • Thank you so much for the comment, and for the interest in my life. I would have to agree with you about dreams, I also think that they will bring up whatever it is you need to look at that moment.
      I had to sit with my dream and determine what of all the feelings I was having, was most true for me. I realized I was more just wondering unattached, and that I wasn’t upset by it at all.

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