Anticipation!!!/Are We Pregnant???

We are supposed to have a pregnancy blood test done tomorrow on the 8th of February.
I had thought about how the day would go. Were we pregnant? And if not, could I bear the thought of it.
I didn’t like the idea of Alice going to the clinic, the clinic calling me with in a few hours with the results, and then me calling Gordon and Alice to tell them if we were pregnant or not….. It felt wrong. I wanted it to be different.

Plus, I didn’t want to wait any longer. It had been two weeks, I was way too excited!!! We had been anticipating this moment for 7 long months, and I had a way to find out a day early!!! Pee-on-a-stick pregnancy test, fabulous invention!!! 🙂

We were in the city for the super bowl anyway, so I called up Alice to make sure they would be home. They were home, how exciting!!! We were minutes away from knowing if we were pregnant!!!

I wanted all four of us to be together, to support each other, whatever the results were going to be.

Gordon and I showed up. We could hardly wait!!! Alice was also very anxious to know, and was prepared with a very full bladder. SWEET!!

She came running out of the bathroom. “Well” I gasped!…………. I could hardly wait. We had been waiting for this moment for too long…

“It’s your pregnancy test, you get to look first”, she said to me. I paused for a moment….That was the first time through this whole process that I felt the precious, sacredness, of what we were trying to accomplish…The first time that it didn’t feel like a business project with rough edges.

Scared, nervous, anxious, & excited, I went in, but not sure if I could look or if I was going to hurl…………… The line was so light. I couldn’t seem to pull myself together…….. Was it positive or WHAT?????………. I rushed out the magic wand, frantically and excitedly waved it in Gordon and Alice’s face. “I don’t know what it means, I can’t see!” I think I actually lost my vision for a minute, being so nervous.



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