Finding An Attorney

We were given a list of things we had to do before we could actually start the Invetro-surrogate process. The first was lining up an attorney and getting cleared thru the courts. Legal stuff is so intimidating…

The Infertility Center we were working with, gave us the number of an attorney that they had worked with in the past and that was up to date on all the surrogate laws. They let us know that we could use anyone, but strongly encouraged using him. We were so relieved that he was handed to us, because we hadn’t the slightest idea how or where to find a surrogate attorney.

We set up an appointment as soon as we could get in. He went over the legal process in great detail, and reassured us that he was very familiar with the surrogate process. He made it very clear that we had to get cleared with the psychiatric evaluation, do a background check, and a physical examination with blood work before he could begin the legal process. He spent 2 hours with us, it was very overwhelming. He was very professional and detailed, which gave us comfort to know that he knew what he was doing. Cuz we had no clue……


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