First Surrogacy Consultation Appointment

I again became excited at the thought of starting the surrogate process. Our first consultation appointment was June 30, 2009. Me, Gordon, and Alice all were there. The nurse discussed every step in detail. She discussed the financial portion, and seemed to doubt that we could come up with all the money and seemed hesitant to continue the process. It was about $28,000 to start. We had some ideas, but really didn’t know how it was all going to work out. It was too overwhelming to figure out; we had family that we borrowed some of it from, and left the rest to God. We knew that if we were supposed to continue in the surrogate process, God would continue to open up the way.

There were still several steps we had to go through before we could even start the process. We had to have a psychiatric consultation. We had to line up an attorney who knew all the surrogate laws specifically and could write up a contract between the couples involved. We had to be cleared through the courts. And we had to have background checks and full blood work and examinations…..Jeeze!!!!

I couldn’t believe how many people could control whether we could have our own baby. It felt like such a sensitive, personal subject, and EVERYONE had to have their hands in the middle of it. I immediately went to a negative place and again felt very sorry for myself. I couldn’t understand why I couldn’t simply have intimate intercourse with my loving husband and become pregnant in the peaceful, relaxing environment of my own personal space.


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