A Year Later/Accepting Her Offer

About a year after Alice had first proposed the idea of her having a baby for me, she came to me again. This time more serious than before. She told me that she had thought about it, in detail for a year, and she very much still wanted to have a baby for me. We had discussed it throughout the year in very little detail, so I knew that it was still on her mind. During that year, I continued to pray about it as well.

I could not fathom how she could give such an amazing gift to us. Gordon and I decided that we would put it in God’s hands and see how it went. I knew that if God was directing it, it would go smooth and easy.

I emotionally and mentally prepared myself for the process to stop at any time if there were any bumps whatsoever! I was not about to have this experience affect anyone involved, in a negative way. Plus, I still wasn’t sure if it was the right thing to do.

In saying that, we gladly accepted her offer!!! She was going to have a baby for us!!!


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