Destynee Overcoming Great Obstacles

Over the next few months, things started to settle down a bit. Destynee was off oxygen when she was 3 months, and after five months, she got over her colic and reflux for the most part and started sleeping better. We had an occupational therapist come work with her once a month to monitor and assist with her development. The doctors still didn’t know the effects of not having enough amniotic fluid, and were still unclear as to if she would walk. She progressed normally, infact, she was a little ahead of schedule compared to a full-term baby. She had overcome the complications that she was born with, and was a healthy baby.

She became a very happy baby, and we were able to fully enjoy her. She is the light of our lives and the little piece of heaven that we strived to get. I wonder what we ever did with our lives before she came. I can’t imagine life without her.
Gordon is the most amazing daddy anybody could ask for. We both adore her, and she knows she has us both wrapped around her little fingers.


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