It’s A GIRL!!!/Destynee Noel’s Arrival

Destynee Noel was born on a Wednesday, November 29th, 2006 at 4:51am, 4lbs. 3oz. 17 1/4 inches long.
She was immediately sent through a window to the NICU who was waiting for her. Because she had a hard time breathing at first, they bagged her, suctioned her, and then after three attemps, she was successfully ventilated. Her lung collapsed when they were reviving her, so they put a chest tube in to keep her lungs open. She was on a breathing machine, antibiotics, given a blood transfusion, and was on several other medications to keep her alive.
Daddy says, “The first time I saw you I was in shock. I thought you looked perfect. I saw all the wires and hoses, and for some reason I was able to look pass that. All I saw was a perfect 4 lb 3 oz baby girl. Mom was so sick, she spent the first 2 days recovering, so I would take pictures of you, and take them to her. There were alot of hoses and wires to help you through your first few days. You’re doing great!”


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