Gordon in the Waiting Room/Daddy’s Experience

Gordon’s experience:
I called Grandpa Gary, Grandma Linda, Grandma Cathie, and Aunt Connie when everything was getting out of hand. The weather was so bad that night, that it took them hours to get down to the hospital. Mom got taken to the OR, and left me in the delivery room. I sat there alone, wondering if everything was going to be okay with you and mommy. Right when mom went to OR, they showed up; just in time. There was no telling what would happen.

I started feeling sick, that is when I first found out what anxiety felt like. I was breathing in a sack, started pewking, and I wanted to pass out……..I was scared that it might be the last time I saw my wife, and didn’t know if I would get to meet my baby.

We all went down to get something to eat but I couldn’t eat, sleep, or drink. We went back to the waiting room and said a prayer with Grandpa.

The whole time the nurses would come in every hour to tell me how things were going. The first time they came in they said that you were born, but were very unstable. About an hour later, they came in and said that you were looking better, but they didn’t know if mom would make it……. The night turned into morning, and that was when they came in and told me that you both made it, but it was going to be a long recovery. From the time they took mom in for the c-section, it was about 8 hours before I got to see either one of you.

Dr. Draper came to talk to me and tell me everything that had happened and how much you and mom went through. That is when he told me, you would be our only birth. He asked me if I wanted to tell mom what happened. He told me he would if I didn’t want to. I told him I wanted to be the one, but that I wanted him there with me.


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