Are Baby’s Lungs Developed?

My OB, Dr. Draper, said that, at 32 weeks, he would check the baby’s lungs to see if they were developed enough to start me into labor. At 32 weeks, if the baby’s lungs are developed, it would be more risky to chance infection and other complications inside the womb. He felt that the NICU could care for the baby, and it would be safer outside at that point. I felt that if we could make it to 32 weeks, then it would be better to let baby stay in and grow two more weeks. Dr. Draper was very willing to let us try, but would not let me go past 34 weeks. I appreciated how much he was willing to work with me, and always listened to my concerns and opinions.

The way they check the baby’s lung development is through the amniotic fluid. We scheduled the day that it would be tested, which was about 32 weeks and 3 days.

Although I wanted what was best for my baby, inside I wanted to be done at 32 weeks. I told Gordon that I would try to keep a good attitude, and that if I made it this far, I could last two more weeks.


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