Going On Strike!!!/Losing Weight

After six weeks of hospital food, 3 meals a day, I went on strike. I completely lost my appetite, and couldn’t stand to eat hardly anything I was given. I started throwing-up if I forced myself to eat at all; even outside food.

Since I was just sitting on my ass, not able to exercise, and getting fatter, I figured it wouldn’t hurt to skip a few meals. Turns out, when you’re in the hospital, they monitor that sort of thing. They were also monitoring my weight very closely, because of my risk of going into heart failure. A rapid gain of water weight is a significant symptom of heart failure.

Well, they noticed that I was losing weight, and at 30 weeks, this was not a good thing for the baby. Dammit, I’ve been caught!

I was able to get away with it, for about a week. That seemed to be the break I needed. I had to focus on the fact that I was almost done. YAY!!!


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