Gordon’s greatest form of release and favorite hobby, is snowmobiling. As we got into the month of November, the fresh powder was simply irresistable!!!
However, the idea of having so much fun, while I was stuck in a room, seemed so wrong to him. He couldn’t bare to leave me. I looked so forward to the weekends, so I could be with him.

Although I didn’t want to spend the day alone, I knew that the consistent, claustrophobic environment, was getting to him too. I encouraged him to go, so he could be strong enough for both of us. Without much effort on my part, he was running out the door, like it was his only ticket to freedom. Each time he went, he came back stronger and more positive than when he left.

I obviously couldn’t go Christmas shopping for Gordon. He already knew and had picked out what he wanted, and he wanted it early. You guess it!!! A new outfit!

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