Love & Support From Family

Everyone’s help, love, and support was what got us through those long days. I always got so excited to have company, and literally wanted to tie them down so they could never leave. Each person brought me life! I always felt rejuvenated, and it gave me the little boost to keep moving forward.

My brother Noah’s family came every Sunday and brought me a smoothie. It was so nice to have something consistent to look forward to. Plus, Yumm! Yumm!
Gordon’s mom, Cathie, came almost every Saturday to play games and bring us dinner.
My sister, Connie, came every week, sometimes twice! She would always try to bring me something homemade.
My dad stopped by every time he came down to the city.
My younger brother, Craig, came almost every Sunday, and would sometimes bring his friends.
My mom came alot the first week, because she knew she would be gone the rest of the month of October to Australia.
My favorite Aunt Faye, along with several other siblings and friends of mine and Gordon’s, came a few times as well.

The food at the hospital was horrible, so most everyone that came tried to bring outside food or homemade food, which was an amazing treat to look forward to. A few of my raw food friends, brought me a raw Thanksgiving dinner. It felt so good to eat such healthy, delicious meals.


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