Watching the Time/Boredom

After a week in the hospital, I noticed that I was obsessing over how many minutes and hours had gone by, or more accurately, minutes and hours that had NOT gone by. I honestly didn’t think I would be able to endure the many weeks that the baby needed to have a good chance at survival.

I wanted to give up….. I had been on strict bedrest for 7 weeks now.
I knew that giving up wasn’t an option…Not after being so blessed to have made it this far without going into labor.

I knew immediately, that I had to change my mind-set. I had Gordon bring up my calendar from home, and I marked each day off, at the end of every day. Every day became a huge accomplishment, and every week felt like a milestone. I had Gordon take down every clock in the room, and put up pictures of nieces and nephews, in there place.


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