A Friend with Insight

I’m remembering a very unique support during my pregnancy on bedrest. Dr. Draper asked one of his previous mothers, if I could call her for support and insight. She happened to be the mother that had been in my shoes one year prior….. she was the miracle story he was telling us about the day my water broke. Her name happened to be, “Jessica”.

Well, I called her about two weeks after my water broke. She talked to me in detail about her pregnancy, bedrest, complications, delivery, and condition of her baby. It was extremely comforting to hear what I could expect, what was normal, and mostly of all, that it is possible to have a normal, healthy baby in this situation. I was able to call her with questions when something would come up that was scary or I was unsure of.

Our experiences had been very similar, and I continued to follow farely close to what she had gone thru.
Her success was a beautiful baby boy, born at 32 weeks. He was on O2 for a few days, and in the NICU for about 3 weeks. He was sent home with no long-term complications.
What a relief!!! It gave both Gordon and I something to focus on. She was truely a God send.


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