Newborn ICU/NICU

The second week we were at the hospital, the staff encouraged us to tour the NICU. Every other week, a nurse would come get me and Gordon and give us a tour. She would have us pay extra special attention to all the babies that were the size our baby would be, if I went into labor. She explained what those babies were going through, and what we could expect as parents.

The first tour we took, I was 26 weeks. A little baby at that stage was only a pound and a half. Little IVs, wires everywhere, breathing machines to keep them alive, transparent skin, and all but life-less bodies lying there. It was almost more than I could bare…UNbelievable!!!

It was a serious wake up call….. Terrifying!

It was hard to watch…. yet comforting to see babies that were even alive.

We both prayed and were most grateful for every week that our sweet baby could grow in a (hopefully) healthier environment.

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