A Super Special Friend

I had alot of support from alot of people throughout my days on bedrest. A very special friend I had, Dallas, seemed to know just what to do to cheer me up. She seemed to know when I needed something that I didn’t even know I needed. I would get those cute sound cards in the mail from her all the time. They always came at the right time, and made my day. Hell, they made several days; every time I would read them, I was either laughing or crying.

When I was home on bedrest, she came and decorated my house, inside and out, with Halloween!
When I was in the hospital, she brought me a mini Christmas tree, decorated with lights, mini ornaments, and two presents (each with a boy and girl, matching hat & socks). She changed my dreary, mundane space, into a fun, colorful atmosphere.

I never imagined that such little things could be so special. She made me feel like I was still a part of this world….. She brought the holidays to me, and helped lift my spirits!

Having so many little things to look forward to, helped the time to go by.

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