Daily Routine in the Hospital…..

Every morning, a doctor (usually MY OB) would come in to check on us (me and baby). I went down for daily NST (non-stress test) so the baby’s activity could be monitored. I loved it, because I could hear baby’s heart beat for ½ hour, and for that time, could believe that the baby was okay.

The nurses and aides checked my vitals and the baby’s heart beat every four hours. It was reassuring to hear baby’s heart beat, but every time the doppler would touch my belly, the baby would literally kick it, and run. It was about the only time the baby would move. It made me nervous that the doppler might be harmful to the baby, but I felt like I could trust my OB.

It was October/November, and most of the days seemed cloudy. The only window in my room overlooked a cement platform with another building blocking any view, so I could never see the sky. Being cooped up in the same bed, same room, made it extremely hard not to get seasonal depression. I was able to have 2 half hour wheel chair rides a day; one was the NST right down the hall, and the second when Gordon got there. We would go to the cafeteria, or sit outside which was my favorite. I would pray for sunshine, and soak up all I could through the bitter cold. By the time Gordon got off work, the sun was close to going down. On the weekends, I would have him take me out earlier, sometimes I would stay out for an hour. Naughty, naughty!…….. I felt like it was worth it to keep my spirits up.

The recreational therapist, Jodie, tried to keep me busy. Because I knew I would be in the hospital, on bedrest, for a long time and would need something to do, I quickly learned how to crochet. I also had movies, crossword, word search, tetra, and a few other things to keep me occupied.

We still owned our house, but no one was living there. Gordon would go check on the house and check mail once a week.

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