Adjusting to the Hospital

Right when I got admitted to the hospital, the doctors wanted to start me on antibiotics as a preventative measure due to my water breaking, and steroids to help develop the baby’s lungs. I felt like I was bombarded with IV’s, drugs, and confusion. Although I was happy to be there and grateful to have made it to the next step, part of me desperately wanted to go back home.

My OB, Dr. Draper, was out-of-town, and I didn’t feel like I could trust anybody else. I had been keeping great communication with Dr. Draper, and we had discussed several plans for our care (me & baby), depending on what was going on at the time. I asked the doctors if I could wait until MY OB got back to make any decisions. They were hesitant, but could see that I was pretty adamant about it. It felt good to be in control of our lives, but scary to be responsible.

I enjoyed and had gotten very use to having someone (friends & family) with me 24/7 while I was at home. Trying to adjust to the hospital setting was exhausting; the horrible food, the constant traffic of the staff, the small, hard bed, and not having Gordon be able to lay by me. They got a cot for him to sleep on, and he stay with me at night. I did get family visiting, but it seemed few and far between…..the seconds felt like hours…… I felt more alone than ever…..


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