Pre-term Labor/24weeks

I would stare at my old, cream-yellow, yuck, frontroom wall everyday, and wished I could do something about it. We had barely moved into our house a few months prior, and I was already pregnant so I couldn’t paint. Gordon’s brother, Stonne, and his wife, Ruthanne, came over to paint my frontroom wall and ended up painting the whole house. I couldn’t beleive anybody would offer to do such a big project. Luckly, she likes to paint. Not MY thing. It was so refreshing, and looked absolutely beautiful.

The night that they painted the house, we stayed up til 3AM. I was tired but they wanted to finish. We kept the windows open to keep the house aired out. The next night, I started cramping a little. By the end of the evening, I was cramping and contracting, which felt a lot like my previous miscarriages. I was nauseated, in alot of pain, and so scared.

Here I was, a few days away from 24 weeks. I could not beleive it, we were so close. I felt like a failure, like my whole world was crumbling down. I had one week to go before they would try and save to baby…. We prayed and asked God to help us accept the outcome.

I only wanted Gordon’s help through most of it, but knew he would eventually need more help. I had a sister close by that night, and told her I would call her when I thought it was time. I tried to prepare myself physically and emotionally for what was happening. Gordon was pacing over me, not knowing quite what to do….But also very supportive, and comforting. I was so exhausted from the previous night, I thought if I relaxed enough, I might get some rest….I had taken some lobelia to help me relax.

It is still a mystery how I actually fell asleep, and that I slept the entire night; which hadn’t happened almost the entire pregnancy. When I awoke the next morning we were amazed, excited, and grateful in ways words can’t explain. I was a bit confused, like I wasn’t sure if I was in a dream or what was reality.

From that moment on, I felt that everything would be okay, and that the touchiest time was over. Although doubt and fear still entered my mind, I was continually reassured through the spirit that the baby would be okay.


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