Finding Baby Names

While we were on bedrest at home, we had alot of time to think of baby names. I have always liked the name, “Metallic”, and I thought it went good with Gordon, “Gordon Metallic“. My husband seemed to like it, but wanted to sit with it for awhile. Every girl name I thought of, Gordon boohood. I was frustrated, cuz it didn’t seem like he was very interested in finding one. Maybe it’s a guy thing, women seem to obsess over things like that much more than guyz. I was definitely obsessing over it. Anyway, I felt like we would never agree on a name.
After several days of being excited about different names, and Gordon saying, “I don’t really like it”, or ” it’s just okay…”, I began to give up.

I decided to put it away for awhile, and not worry about the fact that we didn’t have a girl name. We were only 20 to 25 weeks, and if we could keep the baby in there cooking, we still had awhile to come up with a name.

A few days later, I thought of “Destynee Noel“. Destynee, because if this baby makes it, it truly is destiny, and Noel, because I knew that the baby would be early, and hopefully make it around the Christmas holidays. I was very hesitant to tell Gordon, because I really thought it was perfect, and didn’t want to be disappointed if he didn’t like it.

Everyone knows girls can’t hold things in…… Obviously I asked him about it before he could even get in the house from work…

He LOVED it! At first I thought he was mocking me, I was in shock!!! He didn’t even want to think about it, he loved it!!!

I was so excited, we now had a boy and girl name pick out!!! Of course we needed to see the baby first, to see if the name would fit, but it was a great start.


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