Bedrest at Home/Family Support

The doctors won’t try to save a baby before 25 weeks, so I spend the first 6 weeks at home; either in bed or on the recliner couch. I could only get up to use the bathroom and shower.
The doctor said that if I went into labor, the baby would come too fast to get me to the hospital, and there would be a very high risk of hemorrhaging. He said it was best if I wasn’t alone.

Almost immediately a great support system came together. My husband being the greatest. What a stud!!! He would get up early, make breakfast, get me up, and get everything ready for me; which included breakfast, water, and a protein shake to help the baby grow. When he got home from work, he would make dinner, do laundry, clean the house, and still make time to hang out with us. While Gordon was at work, my family and friends made a schedule to come stay with me, make me lunch, and help him with things around the house. On weekends, some of Gordon’s brothers and their families would come hang out with us. My wonderful family maintained this for six weeks.

It was such a tremendous blessing to have so many people come together so quickly, and because they wanted to. Having someone there, made the time seem to go by faster.

Being on bedrest, was a huge adjustment for me. I had been working and/or going to school since I was sixteen. I learned how to crochet, so I could have something to do. Turns out, I love making baby blankets. I felt like I was being somewhat productive.


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