Finding Peace/Learning to Surrender

I had cramping off and on throughout those six weeks, sometimes worse than others. Each time, I would get my mind in a panic, that this was it, and feared we were losing the baby. I had to zone out from whatever was going on, and relax. I prayed every second that God would take it into His hands. I realized that all spirits coming down are God’s children, and we are just the caretakers in this relm. I had to consciously remain calm and keep the spirit of God with me.

I knew I had to be completely free of stress the entire pregnancy, to relax my body, and give the baby a very peaceful, loving environment. I did not want to be responsible for terminating the pregnancy.

It was truly a gift and taught me in a big hurry how to let things go, including the outcome of this pregnancy. That became my entire focus, and I refused to have anything to do with stress, period!….. WOW! What an experience.

Gordon really stepped up, and took on anything stressful. He seems to take life in stride, so there didn’t seem to be much of it. I think just having the intention of a stress-free environment, held the space for it. We were both committed to keeping it that way.

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