Feeling Fragile/Another Trip to the Hospital…

We told our OB, Dr. Draper, that we would do whatever was needed for the best outcome. The plan was to go on strict bed rest, and to see him every week, for ultrasounds and to monitor me for signs of infection.

I had my sister, Vanessa, take me up to my first ultrasound, so I could lay down in the car.
It was a nightmare!! A forty minute ride up to the hospital, all the bumps, stopping and going, and I couldn’t lay flat. Just when I thought it couldn’t get any worse, I had to walk. Oh my hell, I never imagined, that walking from the car thru the huge hospital, could be so agonizing. Every step, every movement, felt as though I would go into labor. I felt so fragile, like any second I would cause a tragedy that could possibly be prevented. I needed to provide this baby with the safest environment, and we were in a battle field.

I called my doctor later, and told him I could not do that again. He agreed to have me call him every week with an update and vitals. I had to take my temperature three times a day, and watch for very specific signs of infection.


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  1. Hey Girl, I totally love this!!!!!! Keep going with it, I think you are doing wonderful!!!!! Love ya

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