The Dreaded News…

My OB doctor, Dr. Draper, verified that my water had broke. He looked at us with the saddest eyes, and began to tell us what that would mean for us. He started with the likely outcome, complications, and risks.

I would most likely start into labor within the next 3 days, and the baby wouldn’t make it. Because of the high risks of infection/sepsis and hemorrhage, he told us that most doctors would highly recommend an abortion for my safety. He didn’t believe in abortions, but would send us to someone else to get it done.

He explained more risks of having a baby under these conditions.
Underdevelopment of baby’s lungs, limbs, and unsure of the outcome/condition of the baby. The doctor said that there was a 5% chance that nothing would go wrong, and the baby have no major complications. We didn’t think those were very good odds, but knew if the baby was supposed to make it, it would happen. We knew our faith would be tried again.
He told us to go home and sleep on it before making such a big decision.

I felt like a dirty, wet, half rung out, dish towel. A wave of tragedy flooded both me and my dear sweet husband.


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