Power Outage…You’ve got to be kiding me

One LONG night, the power happened to be out. Yep, you guessed it! I woke up feeling very wet, and hoping that I or better yet Gordon had peed the bed. Not so lucky… LOL

Blood was everywhere~I wonder to this day how I managed to function that night. Gordon was an angel to help me along, with a flashlight. He said it looked like a murder seine. I had taken some cayenne to stop the bleeding. It did seam to help, but I was pretty sure my throat was eating itself. Ouch!!! After we got everything under control, and we’re laying in bed, the damn lamp turned on…. Timing is everything, right?

Only clots came out that night… which gave us another glimpse of hope. We still didn’t know if anything was alive in there, but were working on our faith and hoping for the best.


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